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Re: Who am i?

Thanks for your feedback
I think physical appearance belongs more too ASC than Sun.

11th house is an house that give us the love of freedom.
Maybe too much sometimes ^^

The will to associate is a Libra ASC trait ^^
Venus ruler of your ASC is in 12th house, and 12th house cusp is Libra.
My 12th house cups is Libra too. One of my first will during the begining of my life was to find a bestfriend, but people disappointed me and it was never mutual. When I think "this person is my bestfriend", he or she had another one. And when someone considered me as his/her bestfriend, it was not my case.

So, a lot of hardships and illusions (12th house things) could be caused by other people (in 1-1 association). But Venus like to be there. domicile in Libra & exalted in your 12th house.

Otherwise, I think the reason why you are interested by the concept of "death" is because of your Jupiter & Saturn in 8th house. Because 8th house represent death and taboo things. And they are well aspected (with those grand trines), so you live this interest in a good way. They are also in Gemini, the sign of learning
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