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Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Libra ascendant, lazy, sociable, objective, fair, stormy anger when provoked;

Asc lord venus with 9th lord mer over libra 12th
seeking comfort n prosperity in foreign lands, possessive spouse,
literary-oratory-astro-pharma aptitudes;

mer lord 11th over 12th gains from foreign lands;
venus lord 8th over 12th success amidst adversity;

wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart,
alongwith emerald for mercury;

Rahu NNode 9th cancer for foreign travels-pilgrimage,
learning to be sensitive, secular attitude towards religion;
could be inclined to northern continents, regions, countries;

Moon-ketu separative SNode cap 3rd,
hyper-ambitious n hardworking, practical, accident prone,
detachment from siblings n environment,
aptitude for textiles/garment stitching etc;

Jup-sat-ketu now transit moon-ketu 3rd, seeking change/transfer;
pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-knees-chest-lungs etc;

prayers to Mother Goddess, offer red flowers at the alter at home sat evenings.

rahu now transit natal rahu 9th cancer for foreign travels-pilgrimage;

Moon-rahu opp, rise-fall in life, prayers for ancestors,
observe fast No moon evenings, observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

Mars lord 7th over 10th leo, leo inimical for liba asc,
aptitude for operations management/hospital admin etc and
career success-recognition under stress-delays;
supportive but dominating spouse; marriage-vocation under stress-delays;

prone to heart-stomach-knee inflammations;
Offer red flowers at the alter at home sun mornings;

mars aspect own scorpio 2nd, supportive of research-occult-forensics
but not good for health of family members;

10th lord sun over virgo 11th, gains from career, critical thinking,
good for audit-quality control-editorial-health care roles,
gains from govt-corporates-social elite;
wear ruby over sun finger for gains;

jup-sat lords 4/5 over gemini 8th, prosperity through
business analytical research, economics research, stingy,

chronic chest-lungs-liver-piles-urological health issues;
jup aspect own sag 2nd supportive of family-finances;

prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers wed mornings;
observe fast sat evenings;

hope get clues to reflect upon, share salient feedbacks
how true-insightful-helpful
traits-talents-health-life trends-Remedies-ideas to pick etc etc
making meaning out of the reading,
which could be interesting to learn of!

wishing you well, kshantaram
Generously given

a free reading, as ever full of good information
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