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Re: Who am i?

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

But the chart is a personal information
that belongs to the person.
If the person ask "do not quote", please respect this will.
Because then, he/she will have to ask moderators to close the thread,
because deleting his/her message
won't delete all personal infos you quoted against his/her will..
all members are politely asked to: "Please read the rules of our forum"
Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

why do you quote a message you hadn't even read?

it is the OP who "has not even read" our forum rules

because our rules clearly state as follows:

'.....This forum is dedicated to astrology
bringing together beginners and advanced practitioners
of this ancient art.

This is a Public Forum

and everyone must take responsibility
for restricting what they share to their own comfort level.

We can't control people's sense of boundaries or lack thereof.

This forum is NOT appropriate for confidential sharing
and we strongly warn everyone that
this is NOT an appropriate place to expect confidentiality.

We are NOT responsible for members' posting decisions
and cleaning up their posts if they overshare.....'
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