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Originally Posted by Notspeakenglishverywell View Post

Hello. I realized that when you want a reading on this forum
without exploiting emotions, people don't volunteer so much.

I don't have a daughter who was born yesterday, or
I haven't lost my job recently.
I just have a sadness that never goes between my ribs.
I have an inner voice that tells me that I am inadequate, stupid, wrong
whenever I meet with people.
I have been preparing for university for 3 years. exactly 3 years.
If I had read it, I would be 2nd grade now.
But I'm lazy and I'm running away work even this year.
I work at home this year.
I have only my family around.
I'm alone out of them.
And I'm fine.
When I have to go somewhere, when I have to get out of that safe place,
a screaming begins that never stops in my brain.
Being with people is a torture for me.
I am laughing every time but i am sad inside.
The house is beautiful but like a lattice.
I hate cage and can't be with others.
I just want to go unlimited.
I always liked the concept of death. My best friend died when I was 16.
I didn't feel anything. I did not cry. Yes. This is me.
if google translate can translate well.
our forum is not intended as a place to receive detailed, expert free readings
response are often from complete beginners
members are encouraged to learn how to interpret natal charts
including their own
our forum has no clearly defined study structure
members learn by practice and reading threads
Originally Posted by Notspeakenglishverywell View Post

I just want to understand if this endless grief will end.
Can I express myself right? Who should I be?
Will I lose my love of myself when I am with people again?
Will am i happy one day?
I would be glad if you write an answer.
IF your time of birth is accurate and reliable
these questions may be better explored on our traditional board
for example

Medieval astrology has some interesting techniques
which are helpful for considering such questions
Originally Posted by Bunraku View Post

Check out JA's natal delineation in another thread.
It's accurate, intelligent, and succinct,
with an eclectic style that combines tradition with the world today.
Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post

Hi tsmall, it's worth mentioning that traditionally in Medieval astrology when examining the profession, it's routine to commence with the 1st - as well as 10th - because the Elemental Quality of the Ascendant Sign is a useful indicator of the Primary Motivation of the native

In this case the Elemental Quality of the Ascendant Sign is Tropical Earth. Earth signs need physical security.

Capricorn is one of the four Cardinal signs and Cardinal signs are the most active so Cardinal Capricorn works tirelessly – although usually in circumstances and an environment that has already been structured by others.

Saturn, Ruler as well as Almuten of the ascendant is in own Triplicity in 5th - finding Ruler of 1st in 5th indicates that the person seeks to fulfil their primary motivation through Entertainment or Children - or both. Another association with 5th house is gambling and on that note Jupiter is separating from direct opposition with Saturn.

Mercury, domicile ruler and Almuten of the degree in which Saturn is located is in 10th in domicile of Mars. Interestingly, the Exalted ruler of the Capricorn ascendant is Mars who is also the domicile ruler of the MC, furthermore Mars is located in the domicile of Saturn, thus linking the Primary Motivation of the native to their Career. It is frequently said that the Almuten and Exalted ruler are almost as significant as the domicile ruler - sometimes even more so.

Planets aspecting the Ascendant represent powers the native can use in the world and this person has a powerful Exalted Taurus Moon strongly angular in 4th, trining their ascendant and assisting/joining with the Primal Motivation drive towards physical security. Moon is domicile ruler of 7th thus linking partnerships of all kinds - including business or marriage - to the Primal Motivation drive as well as to the career AND the home. Furthermore, Venus, domicile ruler of Taurus is located in Mars domicile in 10th and is another connector linking the home to the career via 4th house/10th planets.
A need for Emotional Security is added to the Primal Motivation drive by Sun, Mercury and Venus aspecting the Ascendant by Sign from Tropical Scorpio. Fixed signs have a need to center and to acquire - in this case emotional security is sought via Career, the Home, Children in general, Entertainment. Exalted Ascendant ruler Mars forms part of the intricate weave as Mars is also domicile ruler of MC

In order to achieve their Primary Motivation, one would expect this person's Career to link Physical security, Emotional Security, Entertainment, Children and the Home. This person is likely to enjoy being with kids in general/being a performer/being creative and/or being a parent.

Furthermore according to Egyptian Terms, Jupiter, bound ruler of the ascendant is in domicile and located in 11th house of friends
. Wames said:

Originally Posted by Wames View Post
The Jupiter in sect and domicile and the only personal planet in an active fire sign is intriguing and it influences the 12th house. This could be someone that is in medicine/a healer but could also be an indication of a veterinarian or someone working with animals.
Jupiter is also the Exalted ruler of 7th and as such links to partnerships whether business, legal, marriage and so on and is another link via those significations to the Career as well as the Home of this person
Originally Posted by Notspeakenglishverywell View Post

If you do not write, I will delete this article.

It wouldn't be surprising to me. If you are going to answer, please do not quote.

My soul is very obvious and that's why I am uncomfortable.
I will delete it anyway. Thanks for all.

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