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Re: Who am i?

The important question is not who you are. The question is : what are you identifying to? Because those things you are identifying to are not your identity.
(and you are not your thoughts either)

I have two similar placements in my chart :
- Sun in 11th house and Virgo
- Mercury in 12th house and Libra

Both are kind of "tricky".
Mercury in 12th house is prone to anxiety, depression, phobias, paranoia and all those stuffs, because 12th house rules mental health (also as imagination and illusions). You keep a lot of your thoughts and ideas hidden, because 12th house is hidden. A lot of your thoughts can seems "illogical" in this reality to other people, so you prefer to keep them for you, and then you feel stupid because you don't express all your intellectual potential. You could have some easiness to write. Easiness to make link between hidden concepts, and symbolic things. Mercury in 12th house want to eat spiritual things, he is strong at it. You can also have psychic abilities, and easiness to understand other people emotions. You know how to be diplomat, how to do compromises in order to not create conflicts. (both are Libra traits)

Sun in 11th house is always defined as "being someone popular" in astrology articles. The reason why is because 11th house rules groups and friendship. You will define your identity (your sun), according to your belonging with groups and 11th house things. 11th house also rules marginal people, unknown people, unknown things and places, astrology, science, internet. Ideas, concepts, wishes and projects.
11th house wound is feeling rejected (as a marginal), or rejecting people.
You fit better with people that are like you. (a lot of common point, common point of view on life and things, same interests, etc..), but you can feel bad with people that are too different from you. Because Virgo here analyze a lot, and is a discriminative sign. (Searching the differences to separate yourself from people, rather than searching the common points to associate. - But maybe it's different for you, because you are a Libra ASC (I'm a Scorpio ASC, that is a discriminative sign too, and I also have Virgo Moon..)
Some traits the Sun in 11th give, are the ability to treat all people like your equal (even if it can be superficial sometimes). Abilities for astrology and some marginal things like that. But you can see yourself as a marginal, and so you don't feel you belong to any group. Virgo Sun is perfectionnist, and has other Virgo traits (intellectual, you think a lot, are good at learning things, searching solutions, seeing details, you like to help people, etc..)

I won't talk about other placements, because I don't have them and I'm too lazy to analyze a chart today

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