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Re: Psychic indicators in Natal Charts

Originally Posted by Cascada View Post
What I learnt:

1. Water houses play a big factor in it

2. Planets being in water signs, however, do not necessarily indicate psychic tendencies on their own

3. Mercury had a bigger role than I thought it would.
3. Mercury had a bigger role than I thought it would

the node with mercury gives psychic abilities.
for that matter and symbol with the node gives strong intuitions at the least, the nature of the abilities depends on the planet with the node,
also the single most dominate psychic indication is the nodal axis conjunct the ascendant axis. such as edgar Cayce had.
mercury conjunct the node is an indices of psychic power as well as extreme intelligence. often there is an intuitive intelligence that allows a indivual to get to the center of his analysis without having to read through the breath of the subject matter.this aspect is very inspirational and tend s to be associated with truth is a sigh of a magician. edgar Cayce had such a conjunction though the strong sextile/trine pattern also contributes to his power.
the south node conjunct to mercury also give psychic and mental power but there is much more astral/psychic power and a person can easily become insane if they do not understand what happens in their minds.
the south node gives great creativity and the power of thought forms is very strong.
Theravada Buddhism teaches that reality is a series of thought forms, each arises spontaneously to be replaced by a new thought form. so reality is a sequence of thought forms. the emphasis is on thoughts being the center of reality.
this concept is very similar to a branch of quantum theory called informational quantum. in this theory the transmission of "data" is the base of quantum reality
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