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Re: Why do women disrespect me?

^Oh I certainly have come to the conclusion that my own energy has attracted this behavior so I'm working towards lifting my vibes. If your energy is positive no matter what others do, it doesn't get to you easily as it's most important that you are loving and accepting yourself! I'm so thankful I've discovered Louise Hay's work, she's great! Her spoken affirmations work better on me than other people's voices. I now willingly chose to only attract positive and loving people.

Maybe Saturn/Venus meant I have to work (Saturn) consciously to change my subconscious patterns concerning love, and especially self-love (Venus). I don't know why my subconscious can so easily be defaulted to negative if I don't put efforts to release patterns? Some time ago I was able to fully love myself and everything went smoothly, yet I didn't look for love as the love inside me was more than enough. Next time this happens I will go out more often.
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