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Re: Why do women disrespect me?

Originally Posted by pabloes View Post
Well I read a similar thread here from a lady. I have the opposite problem - women disrespect me or outright ignore me and many would treat me bad, especially those younger than me or my age (but not only). Iíve always suffered lots of drama and criticism from women in school and at my jobs. It was only at jobs with just 1 or no women where there werenít any problems. I also have never had a woman flirt with me, they act cold and business-like towards me. Due to this Iíve started to fear them now and basically try to avoid dealing with them at work if I can, but thatís not a good way. What in my chart makes me womenís public enemy number 1? Should I just avoid work places with many women (itís usually women in schools or business environments that have caused me trouble)? My chart is here:

I actually had some luck in dating further west from my birthplace but of course I never got a 2nd date with any of the women I met with except those who we became just friends with. I also had lots of drama with female flatmates over petty things. Oh and psychics have told me that more than one women had performed black magic on me (my Pluto position?). Is it Saturnís opposition to Venus to blame for my lack of luck with anything relating to women? Itís like itís some bad past life karma.
venus in gemini in the 10th house of competition and success next to the wounded healer of cancer. and that ruler the moon is opposite your planet of luck - jupiter in the 9th.

so you need to show not tell and be quiet and less combative.

join them not to them this or that. join them in a band, join them with similar interests and do not gloat over them

also i would go to catholic mass or see a priest over this matter of magic juju.
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