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Re: Making the chart?

i love u @tootise
u ppl r so good and kind .how much u ppl are worried for a stranger thats really touched me.
i m not in that bad condition 2 go 2 a doctor.i use to b happy just sometimes when i see my batchmates who were very ordinary in studies and they r working wid big companies getiing huge amount as salary ,getting married then i feel somewhere frustrated thats it
personally i dont have that problem wid my current stauts .i m trying my level best to get what i want and i know god is seeing everything and god gave life to eveery creature.and in dat way every one has his importnance in the society and i think in dat way i may b made for something but when d right time will come i will automatically reach there so fulfill my duties,whatever is assinged me by nature
dear i was just trying 2 know wheather i m going 2wards d right direction or just wasting my efforts.
i wanted 2 know weather by my chart,it is d right path 4 me or not.if not den i shld try to d right direction.of course if i will make my efforts according to my chart(which have a scientific bassis) results will b visisble and that will relax me and vl bring happiness in my life thats it\
but really i m so happy that this world is full of cute,good,kind(lots of adjectives) ppl like u.
really thank you for ur concern
love u
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