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Re: Love from here...

Thank you Petrosiris

There is a huge information there

I am a newbie, and my interest in math behind raised while trying to understand my exact ASC degree as it was calculated differently from different sites & programs. Some says 2 degree in , some says 19 degree in .

Then I thought, before the programs how people were calculating it. Now, relying heavily on programs makes sense? Therefore I wonder how to calculate and create natal chart manually. I am coming from engineering background. I looked for, but could not even manage to calculate the exact Universal time manually like the ones written on charts (there is 36 min 17 sec difference). Theres should be some straightforward good explanation somewhere. And then I think, there is a way to calculate it using Ephemeris tables. But how?

The second, how these tables are constructed is another topic on my side, but I don't want to get lost, only see to have the idea.
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