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Re: My Aries placements

Originally Posted by LovelyMissAries View Post
I see what you're saying (also, you really don't attract Scorpio Suns?! I'm surprised by that too.) and it's true on a practical level, but I was tired when I wrote my question and I don't think I explained it to its fullest extent. So..

The question arose after I met a coworker who I immediately felt nervous and uptight around. While yes, I'm generally antsy, I rarely ever feel like a shrinking violet who speaks only when spoken to. Later I ran their chart and saw they had Mars in Virgo, and while Virgo is other things as well, I view them as a sign that's "stressed." to say the least and perfectionistic, which sort of correlated to my sudden energy change. I didn't want to do / say anything incorrect. Since it was their Mars sign, I wondered if that somehow had a relationship with my Aries placements.

However, my Mercury is in Aries and I have Gemini rising too so ... that's it and I probably overcomplicated it for nought.
When you compare chart planetary positions check to see that complementary pairs can be seen, e.g. usually a male Sun would be evaluated against a female Moon or vice versa. Check to see that the aspect is one that can be seen - meaning that there is a conjunction, sextile, square or opposition in play. Obviously the square and opposition or more tense but sometimes tense is good. When the planets are in aversion (they are not in one of these aspects -- (by sign is okay - they do not have to be degree aspects) then the planets can't see each other which is a problem when trying to relate. So the key planets to look for are Sun/Moon, Venus/Mars and Mercury to Mercury to see that there is mental communication beyond the male/female compatibility and the sexual compatibility In you example of a Virgo Mars in relationship to your Leo Mars, there is no connection and therefore a corresponding vibe.
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