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Smile Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
Where is it written that there is one person one vote?
I live in a country governed strictly by majority rule, and it is caos.
So, after the 2016 elections, the Democrats accepted the elections and worked towards resolving problems and improving the country? Or have they spent the past few years trying one way or the other to overthrow the vote?
When Obama was elected twice, and the election frauds came to the surface, it wasn't considered serious.
But the republicans didn't work towards finding some excuse to overthrow the president. In 4 years, there is another election!
The U.S. IS governed strictly by majority rule. The majority in each State elects its representatives. And, since the President is everyone's President regardless of which State one resides in, the majority of voters in the nation should elect the President.

The Republicans couldn't find anything solid enough to impeach Obama. They did try to "find some excuse to overthrow the president" in Bill Clinton's case, but having sex with an intern isn't against the rules as far as the Constitution is concerned. Unlike Trump, Clinton agreed to testify under oath, and was impeached for lying about it, not for doing it.
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