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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

Mine is simple , and learned from experience:

*Don't judge the client: Judge only the chart*,

and by *judge* I mean, * interpret.*

If you become known for reading charts and providing information that enables clients/friends etc to make more informed decisions in their lives, undoubtedly you will be consulted by some people who seem (to you, the astrologer) to be *in the wrong* in some way, so to speak.
I once received a call from a person who had just been arrested, wanting me to look at a *will this be OK* type horary.(Most people use their phone call to ring a lawyer!).
It turned out to be a useful astrological experience: I had a natal chart, a progressed chart, exact time of arrest for the horary!, and would have exact times of Events *along the way* in the legal process,and I would get to know the *outcome*, so I *just read the chart*and witheld my judgements as to the reasons for the arrest etc.This person also kindly gave me permission to share this information with other astrologers.

Hence, even though its sometimes really hard to *approve* of what your client/friend etc may be contemplating, it's best to leave yourself out of it and let them find their own way.It's not the role of the average Astrologer to *play counsellor*, but obviously sometimes there may be a need to point out potential pitfalls if a course of action is pursued.
Always check out the ruler of the 12th house cusp and note what is going on with that-often that is what the client will also try to *hide* from the astrologer.
Great thread, Radu!
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