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Re: relocating natal charts

Thanks for your reply bob. Its so much easier if I dont have to do all the relocations thats for sure. The reasons Im trying to do the correlation (especially for my dads chart) is because I have no idea what time he was born so I need to rectify his chart. And yes I know its going to be a job and a half. I decided to start with birth times between midnight and 7 a.m as statistically 75% of natural births occured during those hours. I know people dont like to mention death and astrology in the same sentence but it would really help if i knew what I was looking for. I was thinking his poorly aspected venus in leo, possibly in fourth house.
*runs away and progresses dads chart*
Ok. Now I progressed my dads chart and ran transits on it for the time he died. And there is a couple of things, Pr. sun conj N. Venus in Leo (both at 9 deg leo), Progressed mars (muscularity, red blood cells) 2 deg scorpio(rulership) in 6th house, Transiting saturn(blockages) and pluto(destruction) in 6th house.
My dad had high blood pressure and heart disease. He died suddenly of a myocardial infarction. (blockage of corony artery to the heart resulting in myocardial necrosis).
I really dont know. Am I like totally grasping at straws or what!
I am so in awe of some of the people on here and their knowlege on astrology. Its a huge huge topic of study and Im still in kindergarten
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