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Question for the pros: legal issues

This one is for all of you who practice astrology for pay, or previously have. Did you ever get sued, or threatened with a lawsuit, by a client? Do you (or did you) have clients sign a contract?

I just had a friend tell me I absolutely must protect myself in every possible way if I'm in business. Have clients sign a contract, spell everything out. Where she's coming from is, she and her husband used to have a business, and they got sued by a disgruntled client. They won, because they had everything documented, including a signed contract from the client for every step of the way. It was a computer repair business, though, not astrology... seems to me there's a lot more to sue over in computer repair.

She also said that a friend of hers, who is an astrologer, got sued by a client and lost, because she (friend's friend) told the client that illness or injury was coming in the near future, and soon after that the client lost a child. Which is not something I would ever do, but... is there a risk?

If you do any kind of paperwork to protect yourself legally, what do you use? And if you don't, have you had any issues?
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