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Re: Do you see a breakup?

Hi Aria, thanks for the in-depth response. What is pom and pod?

Not sure if his feelings for her is infatuation. I would think they're way past that (been together a year). You're right about the Scorpio Mercury... she's very quiet now and thinking a lot and it's harming her emotions, but I know she hesitates to part and he doesn't want it either, so the ball is in her court. They're both emotionally impulsive yet sensitive so they sometimes say things that hurt each other unintentionally. She feels that he says thing w/o considering how it makes her feel and when she's upset, she closes up and he then tries to win her back so there's a lot of tug & you're right they need to communicate and express their feelings better.

again this jupiter as soon jupiter enters cap, will harm her feelings while on the other hand will exalt mars
What does it mean Jupiter in Cap will harm her feelings but exalt her(Mars)? And what does it mean Sun interested in Jupiter?

but mainly their main sigs dislike this idea..and they are interested in their relationship saturn
They've reconciled and have expressed that they still wanna be together. Their main sigs have an applying sextile so I think they'll likely stay together.

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