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Re: Masturbation and me

Originally Posted by Govind View Post
Hey. I know this is an awkward topic but after looking though this forum I have not seen anyone broach this topic so I thought I might as well go ahead and do it.

I'm 22 years old and I've masturbated daily ever since I was 12. It was also around that time that I started developing social anxiety, depression and a stutter...I think it may be related to excess dopamine levels in the brain.

Hi Godvind,

sex for fun is 5th house ruled by venus in your chart who is in 8th house- house of addictions and obsessions you are not able to get under control. Venus is in square with pluto and opposes your moon and moon is in exact square with pluto, too. Your scorpio-pluto is at apex of a t-square.

Sun as ruler of 8th house is in opp with your mars in 4th house- when it started- did something happen at your real home or with/to your mother – what inner pressure you couldn’t get otherwise rid off and you therefore needed to " encourage your male side yourself –hand-made "?
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