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Re: Life advice, need help

I think it would be helpful to set some goals in life, then go after what you really want, not what you think you have to settle for.

For example, you cannot let your family blight your chance for happiness. You can tell your family that you love them, that you will always speak to them, but that you must live your own life. With your moon in the 7th house, I think you have a lot of love for your mother, but obviously a young man needs to break away and become his own person.

If you have psychic ability, I think you would know if by now. What do you think?

Taking a course in astrology seems like a good idea. Or read as much as you can. Then start reading charts for people on on-line forums like this one. See how you get on. Learn if you can make any money at it.

Law seems like a reasonable career, based upon your chart. If it doesn't "sing" for you, however, and you are planning to emigrate, it might not be ideal to finish a law degree in Serbia, if that is where you live and where you would get your law degree. If you do think a law degree would be an asset in some other career, it might not hurt to get it. But this might be several more years out of your life.

The other fields you mention are a great way to get a general education, but they do not offer a lot of employment opportunities.

Your money house (#2) looks to be in good shape. This is where your sun lives. The second house also rules material possessions, so I am wondering if you've thought of running an import business for artistic objects or jewelry, an art gallery,or a book shop.
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