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Re: Life advice, need help

The synastry chart you posted in another thread, indicates a fated meeting with the person you are interested in.

The Saturn Chiron square in this synastry, and the fact that Saturn is squaring Chiron until November, says to me that your desire to break free is strong because of this pull, but that you lack the confidence to take a leap of faith. The person that asked you to come over, his Saturn is reflecting this situation by squaring Chiron in the 11th, feeling alienated, and your healing is found in reconciliation. I am fairly sure this is a karmic relationship. You probably know him from a previous life.

Now, Saturn being as we know him, , this can mean a couple of things. It is either testing your capabilities to overcome something, or it is testing how far you willing to go to get what you want. Another scenario might be that the current square is blocking you.

My intuition tells me that this person you want to meet, is a fated event. And that it will happen, regardless. Whether that be positive or negative, I do not know. Listen to your intuition.

Meeting him next year is good. In the mean time, try to sit the energy out. The Saturn Chiron square ends in November.
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