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Re: Will a relationship with this person work? (outcome will be updated)

Originally Posted by uranianplutonian View Post
Salut ,

(Not sure if this matters in Horary, but we're both women)

A few interesting things I noticed about this chart similar to our Natal charts (if relevant at all):
the Sun is in my Natal Virgo Sun,
the Moon (me) is in their Natal Sagittarius Moon sign,
Mercury is in my and their Natal Libra Mercury,
Venus is in their Natal Scorpio Venus... Via Combustion,
North Node is in our mutual Natal Libra North Node and sitting where my Natal North Node sits, 11th house.
Pluto is sitting close to the Descendant where Pluto sits in their progressed Natal chart.
Neptune is in the same house their Natal progressed Neptune sits, 9th house.
Jupiter is in the same house that their Natal Jupiter sits, 8th house.

Donc, here's what my beginner eyes see:
I'm Moon in 5th house (Scorpio cusp) in Sagittarius, they're Saturn in 7th house (Capricorn cusp) in Aquarius.
I'm conjunct Vertex (separating) and also separating from a sexile with Saturn (them).
At first glance, this seems somewhat positive, though I feel skeptical about the separating aspects.

Then sits Pluto on the Descendant.... (0 degree orb) Which I feel very skeptical about. That said, we're both quite Plutonian (they're more Plutonian than I).

I just looked up the Planetary dominance for this chart and it matches their top 2 dominant planets - Pluto and Neptune (though, this chart is more Plutonian than hers, and just slightly less Neptunian).

I see that we're both applying to the MC in this chart, they're applying through a sextile (3 degree orb) and me a trine (8 degree orb).

What is our friend Mars doing/represent in this context? I feel suspicious about them applying to a trine with Mars (9 degree orb).

I want to say......... That based off of the separating aspect between the Moon and Saturn, Pluto hazing the Descendant, and the applying aspect to Mars from Saturn (them), the relationship won't work?

I appreciate all insight and corrections to my interpretation!

(Chart will be attached below)

Thank you in advance.
Sorry, I don't have enough knowledge yet to talk about this topic, but just wanted to know how things are going?
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