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Question both venus conjunct pluto transit on same day

Dear all,

After a few weeks being on non speaking terms, my wife and I will meet and speak how to continue our marriage.

Other than realising I should be a more compassionate person to remain her husband, I've been looking our transits to find some hope things will go smoothly again soon after:

On Saturday 25th of September, her transits concerning Venus are:

Saturn Conjunction Venus +235A
Mars Trine Venus -215S
Venus Conjunction Pluto +005A
Venus Sextile Saturn -229S
Venus Sextile Mercury +005A
Venus Sextile Moon -240A
Venus Trine Fortune+249A
Venus Square S.Node -232A
Venus Square Node +232A
Venus Trine Chiron+154S
Node Trine Venus +012
S.Node Sextile Venus

Venus transiting 11th house ruled by 5th taurus + 6th taurus + 10th Libra

Natal venus in Aquarius, 2nd house
Natal venus aspects:
Moon sesqui-quadrate Venus orb +012'
Venus sextile Mars orb +344'
Venus semi-sextile Uranus orb -030'
Venus inconjunction Jupiter orb +226'

Mine are:
Venus Conjunction Pluto +235A
Venus Sextile Neptune -006S
Venus Sextile Uranus -211S
Venus Square Saturn -241S
Venus Trine Vertex -106S
Venus Square Chiron +056S
Ascendant Sextile Venus -236

Venus transiting 3rd house ruled by 2nd Libra + 9th Taurus
Natal venus in virgo, 12th house
Natal venus aspects:
Venus Aspects
Venus conjunction Jupiter orb +103'
Venus sextile Pluto orb -036'
Venus trine Neptune orb -425'
Venus square Mars orb +216'
Venus trine Uranus orb -631'
Moon quintile Venus orb +106'
Venus bi-quintile Saturn orb -101'

Would/could anyone draw upon this a reading how meeting each other on that day can signify our lives and relationship please?

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