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Re: Lots of undeniable evidence that everything that has ever happened is 100% justic

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you believe in reincarnation, as long as you feel settled in knowing that a Higher Intelligence exists and you feel able to make some sort of sense of life in these current times of chaos.

One needs an anchor that is REAL , to believe in, to trust..
(I feel sorry for those who grew up with no spiritual foundation whatsoever!)
For me personally, the concept of reincarnation makes sense in every way.
I even discovered a quote by Jesus in the Bible that strongly indicates recognition of concept of past lives.

The Bible is a collection of scripts , the contents of which has under gone changes & alterations down the ages.
It makes sense to me that the original teachings of Jesus, got severely edited out by the Powers that Be at that time.
Basically he got murdered for the same reasons that truth tellers & whistleblowers today get knocked off !

At the end of the day, I agree with you that "justice" -as you put it, exists , though!

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