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Re: Lots of undeniable evidence that everything that has ever happened is 100% justic

Originally Posted by WHYNOT View Post
Astrology does not have any "take" on the afterlife.
Astrology is a science. It is a tool to be used. Turns out that it also happens to prove that reincarnation is real.

..And that our Creator cares for us to Evolve for otherwise there would not be such a science as astrology given to us to help us. Surely!

Think about it. Did mankind "invent" astrology? Of course not. It comes from "God; It is a "language" using planets & stars .. to point the way to acquiring self knowledge, and therefore Self Betterment. - How brilliant is that?
Only a higher intelligence could have created that!
"Man Know Thyself" inscription on an ancient tomb from a time when Wisdom was revered. Of course now we live in times where it's the opposite. )

I'm curious to know whether you have undergone a recent return to the safety of Christianity, and if that is why you quit believing in reincarnation ?
You're correct. Astrology itself points only to there being an intelligent and loving creator, one only as loving and intelligent as the one spoken of in the bible.

However, from what i've seen, it's very common for several big name astrologers to believe that reincarnation exists and insist that it does when viewing life through astrological lenses. So that's where my misconception lied in that "astrology insists that reincarnation exists". Really it is just some of the astrologers who claim it does.

I actually wasn't sure if reincarnation existed when I first made this thread. At that time I hadn't actually done enough research into the bible's teachings to verify whether the bible is right in it saying that there's no such thing as reincarnation or not. As of now I am 100% certain reincarnation never existed and never will.
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