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Re: Lots of undeniable evidence that everything that has ever happened is 100% justic

I view karma through a slightly different lense ..
Rather than "justice" its more to do with achieving "balance" I think.
Rather than "deeds" I think its more to do with "attitudes"- because attitudes are behind actions, and a reflection of one's level of spiritual, mental & psychological development -which has to evolve ..(eventually) to a higher consciousness.
To achieve that requires every experience under the sun (-so to speak,) hence thousands of lifetimes..

(Eg. on a minuscule level : I dislike having Uranus square Sun & Mercury in my chart ..its certainly had some undesired consequences at times in my life ..I sincerely hope I've worked on it enough that I might get a trine in next lifetime. )

I'm not clear on why you think some souls are "destined to fail". The universe is rather big, so one would think that if God / Higher Intelligence created it, then everything has its place in the wider scheme. Even evil has its place. To know what light is , there has to be dark.
The corruption of everything wholesome that is so evident and widespread today is a sign of civilisation in decay.. with many valuable spiritual lessons being learned along the way ,albeit extremely painful.

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