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Re: Composite chart

Originally Posted by rahu View Post
Black Moon Lilith is also conjunct Uranus/Neptune/North Node and square Mars, not sure why it's not on the chart. Does it mean the relationship could be dangerous for him in any way/ make him obsessive?
I don't think this would make him obsessive, thought it would deepen and feelings you and he have. it might be a problem if you felt this was a uniting feeling , as the divisive or independent feelings are unlikely to be over rode

Also, he broke up with his ex less than a week after we met. Could Mars square Neptune indicate it? As in, lies, cheating, etc.

yes that is likely. I assume you just recently met him as I mentioned the energies around this composite right now are very duplistic.

It has been a few months already, but yes, it's not a long-term thing so far.

Thank you for your comments, rahu
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