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Re: Take new job offer or stay at the same?

The concerning part is that there's never been any clarity on the role, job title, or pay. Those are things you absolutely must have clarity on before accepting any job, whether there are any retrogrades going on or not.

That this is a startup is also of some concern, in that there's a lack of certainty with startups. Some people are comfortable taking a job with one, knowing full well it might fold within a year or two (many startups do). But it sounds like you currently have a stable job. Are you really willing to throw that away for something uncertain? Your friend sounds overconfident, too (do you know what Jupiter is doing in his chart?), which doesn't bode well for any company he starts. It takes a lot of confidence to be an entrepreneur, but to be an entrepreneur whose business takes off and does well, you also have to be realistic.

Astrology doesn't cause situations, just reflects them. Seems that all these retrogrades going on reflect your friend pressuring him to join him in this ill-planned venture, and the stagnation at your current job. Since you already have a stable job, I'd say this isn't the time to change. If you want something less stagnant, look for it outside of work. The stagnation in your job may ease up when all the retrogrades end, and if it doesn't, then if you've been pursuing extracurricular interests with more variety, you'll have a better sense of what you want to be doing. If you want to change jobs then, you'll be better equipped to make a good choice.
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