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Re: Take new job offer or stay at the same?

Hi Osamenor and thank you for taking the time to reply.

Its a former employee of my current company who is setting up a new company on behalf of its owners and is building a team. He started talking me into leaving this company (without offering me the job at the time, as it wasnt born yet as an idea) loong time ago. He made the proposal to join them one or 2 months ago. I said that im interested, as my current job is stagnating, but starting from september. He agreed initially on the starting date. The role (title) and the payment has changed multiple times and until this day it is not certain. Although the job functio, in terms of content of duties remains the same, the responsibility that comes with it, isnt (now its much higher).
Therefore, and because now he kind of depends on me (my license is needed in particular), although before he just wanted me to join because he trusted me as a person, he is now rushing me into replying to him and joining asap, because my response will make things run faster in terms of the operation of the company.

He is a big talker too (gemini-lol) and an occasional white lier.

So, although i did not apply for it, I expressed my complaints to him from the beginning of our working relationship (when he first came to the current company i still am now) about how im not happy there and there is no evolvement. So, hes the one who started the whole thing and actually promised the owners that he will recruit me without even asking me!! Only by counting on my willingless to leave...which is not very reliable or professional.

The salary, the duties and the environment are not 100% clear or agreed upon until today.
Gotcha, you are very clear. I presume that because this conversation started long time ago, and provided i clear up all the ambiguities, there should be no problem with the viability of that relationship. Right?
Mars retro will have me sleepy theoughout the relationship? Haha 😆
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