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Re: Take new job offer or stay at the same?

Who's rushing you into it? Is this a job you applied for, or were you contacted by a recruiter? Is it a new role with your current employer, or is it a position at a different company?

Rushing into accepting a new job without carefully reviewing the terms and the contract is never a good idea, especially when you're already employed. But it's not clear what you mean by "being rushed." It's one thing if this is a job you applied for and went through a lengthy interview process and now they want you to start as soon as you can reasonably leave your current job. It's another if your current employer wants you to take on a new role with the same company. It's still another if you didn't apply for the job, you were contacted by a recruiter, and/or now they're demanding that you start right away without even giving an appropriate advance notice to your current job.

Retrogrades aren't always a bad time to start a new job--sometimes you have to during a retrograde, especially if you're unemployed or have a toxic job--but they are a signal to not rush, carefully review any contract before signing it, and make sure that you and the employer are on the same page and everything about this job--duties, pay, commute, environment--is acceptable to you.
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