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Re: D- 9 Activation after 30?

Originally Posted by Vision10 View Post
Well , rohiniranjan thank u so much to clear my doubts.. does it activate? i mean for ex : suppose a person X 10th house ruler its in 5th house so you could say some his or her reputation in public sort of creativity or education or speculation or entertainment or Drama in D-1 chart , but in D-9 chart the 10th lord its in 12th house , so does it means after the age 30 or 35 he or she ll start concentrating on a career which revolves around foreign countries or asylum or meditation hall or research or hospitals etc??? could you elaborate?

Many jyotishis insist that varga positions should not even be seen as a chart but used only for strength determination (saptavargaja-bala (in shadbala), vimshopaka bala, etc). They point to classics which only talk about varga placements (such as navamsha sign of Sagittarius) and not as in a chart, such as "if Sagittarius falls in 12th house of navamsha chart, Even if one uses the chart configuration, that 12th house Sagittarius navamsha (placement) could be in one of several possible D1 signs and houses! Obviously, then, just seeing navamsha placement (e.g., dhanu) cannot have an isolated meaning...? But I see quite a few folks asking or telling 'readings' based just on navamsha for instance. Then there is the rasi-tulya navamsha and navamsha-tulya rashi concept that some use!

In devakeralam, there is repetitive phrase that one can insist that the writer of that nadi meant to imply a chart and not otherwise.

This 'activation' business (concept?) is a recently noted wrinkle in the saga of Vargas but I would need to see some convincing illustration, rather than just accepting it. ;-)
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