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Re: Guess the ascendant!

Thanks jup! I read the article and several others. I see you can compute a time approximately 10 months before you were born in which the moon/Asc correlates to the Asc/moon in your natal chart. That's an amazing astronomical pattern. This could even be the time of conception.

I just don't see how it is a tool for computing the ascendant when the birth time is completely unknown. The article you site states the following:

"It is to be understood that the 273 days referred to in the above table is the normal period of gestation, or nine solar or ten lunar months. This normal period is increased or decreased in accordance with the distance of the Moon from either the Ascendant or Descendant, and "x" is a certain number of days corresponding to this distance obtained by dividing the distance in degrees by thirteen degrees, the latter being the average daily motion of the Moon."

Therefore, you must already know the ascendant in order to compute the correct days of "gestation". Therefore, this could not be a tool for determining birth time within a 24 hour period.

Again, please explain if I am misunderstanding. Are the days of gestation not determined by the distance of the moon from the ascendant in the birth chart? Would you not need a birth time to make this calculation?

It seems to me that this is an astronomical pattern that would hold true for any date/time. It's fascinating, and may or may not show a correlation to conception. I'll have to explore it more at some point. Thank you!
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