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Re: Guess the ascendant!

Originally Posted by LoneMars View Post
Thanks for your response!

I'm trying to figure out this epoch thing. If you are saying that my ascendant would be the placement of the moon at the time of conception then wouldn't I need to know when exactly I was conceived? If you just go 273 days back, the moon will always be in about the same place it was when you were born (28 day moon cycle). Plus the moon moves about 12 degrees a day. So you'd need the time of conception too.

I looked at some algorithms for determining conception time based on placement of the ascendant, but isn't that circular logic? Wouldn't I need to know my ascendant to get my conception time, to calculate my epoch, to get my ascendant?

That being said, I calculated it for my daughter and it came out pretty close.

- you'll find that the logic is not 'circular' but is simply based on the location of the moon at birth.

Originally Posted by LoneMars View Post
Maybe I'm not understanding. Can you explain?

Thanks for your response
There are quite a few instructions regarding variations of moon placement to read

i.e. The moon at birth is the ascendant at conception

clicking on the link I posted earlier i.e. to displays an article detailing all of the various laws determining the time of conception aka Epoch

e.g. whether moon is increasing or decreasing at birth


is above or below the horizon at birth

and so on

all these different factors are taken into account by the instructive article

determining those variations

is the way to find the count for the number of days in each particular case

the number of days are not always precisely 273 days because the number of days varies according to whether:

(1) the moon is increasing or decreasing at birth


(2) is above or below the horizon at birth
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