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Check on some synastry?

I can't decide if we're really good for each other or pretty bad for each other, hah. I go back and forth so much over it.

I'm just learning natal astrology so synastry really throws me for a loop. But from asking others, I have gained a few pieces of knowledge. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about these things.

Is there a Mars/Saturn square? What does that indicate? It worries me.

Our 1st and 7th houses sort of line up. I read that's a good thing.

My 4 planets in the 7th line up to his North Node. Good thing, I think? Might indicate that this isn't just a fling... shows that I respect his goals and path in life, possibly?

Thanks for any help and insights you can give me!

I am on the inside, he is on the outside.

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