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Originally Posted by Ukpoohbear View Post
I don't much about it either. The angle I'm coming at it from is the angle of self-love and in my view you don't need to read anything to know about something. It all starts from within. Develop a relationship with yourself. This time of lockdown is the perfect time to not run away from yourself any longer and it teaches us life is short. Start an inner journey. Google about chakra meditations and start a relationship with yourself. Now is the perfect time to do it really. Corona has taught us to focus on what we need and not what we want. But I want my man and nothing will stop me even if I know better.
Lol you go for it. You know what you want!
Yes I will look at this. I was gonna say I donít know where my chakra is. Will look it up and find how to do it and get some soothing music on. Sounds like a soothing music type of activity 😊😇
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