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Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Ewwww Iíve been in a narcissistic situation and never again. No thank you! I see it miles away and see it coming. They see me coming too but I flick it away.
Good on you. Women can be the worst ones especially manager types and I use the word manager very loosely. They like to call themselves leaders and they are nowhere near.
Have u thought about teaching others what you know. E.g if you have experience in retail you have one 2 one sessions with adults where u teach them customer service etc. You have a curriculum and go by it. Itís easy going, no boss on your back and you meet ppl?
Teaching others customer service? I donít think I could do that. Itís not something which can be taught except to tell them to get a job in customer service lol. I have applied for an admin job and hopefully I get it and hopefully Iíll be a teacher in a couple of years so thatís my plan. No get rich quick schemes or teaching people their abcís for me, I like the hard road. Wait, as a teacher I will be teaching abcís 🙈🙊
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