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Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by Dirius View Post
Implying that those of individuals who get into thousands of dollars in debt so they can aquire degrees in stuff such as "women's studies" or "poetry", are somehow smart?

Yeah... because nothing is more revealing of intelligence than going into debt to aquire a worthless degree with no job opportunities.
lol yeah that's pretty dumb
but I can tell you this

the mass majority of idiots who don't go to college are not going to avoid debt
it's because they don't value education nor do they understand how important it is to grab opportunities, and because they're too stupid for college lel

also, college isn't always about getting a job. getting a degree in poetry expands and makes one's mind deeper and beautiful. if you can afford a poetry degree, i don't see the problem in dropping the money for it. certainly better than dropping thousands on drugs or something
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