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Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
There are a LOT of University-educated Trump supporters, who are pushing the stereotype of "hard-working blue-collar laborers" as being Trump's electoral "base". They want less government regulations, like the kind that would have prevented the 2008 meltdown. Many are fanatically anti-birthcontrol, and against the social-safety-net "on principle".

It's a propaganda ploy, to counteract the long-held perception that the Democratic party is the party of the Labor Unions and the blue-collar workers .
Considering that so far most of the 2016-2020 campaigns for the democratic party have been mostly about LQTBQ issues, illegal immigrants, global warming, etc....

... it would be funny to call the democratic party as the party of the "labor unions" and the "blue collar-workers".

Whether you like it or not, each minute the democrats spend talking about global warming, is a minute they are not using to talk about stuff that would interest the average worker.
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