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Smile Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by leomoon View Post
I'd like to consider myself an intellectual but truth be known, I dropped out of high school at 16, went to work to help support myself and my family, and never once regretted that decision.

I am "self-taught" "self-educated" and proud of it. At least I can think for myself. Uranian, through and through!

An older gentlemen, a Virgo Sun and quite the stereotype of a Virgo, once said to me, "never ASSUME anything"....because when we do, (as in assuming someone knows my history and can guess if I'm in an Ivory tower or a blue collar background person), simply ends up making "an *** our of U and ME" he said. I never forgot that, and saw it as wise advice.
There are a LOT of University-educated Trump supporters, who are pushing the stereotype of "hard-working blue-collar laborers" as being Trump's electoral "base". They want less government regulations, like the kind that would have prevented the 2008 meltdown. Many are fanatically anti-birthcontrol, and against the social-safety-net "on principle".

It's a propaganda ploy, to counteract the long-held perception that the Democratic party is the party of the Labor Unions and the blue-collar workers .
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