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Re: Will Trump become the first US Dictator?

Originally Posted by david starling View Post
If the government's backing them, the government can forgive or reduce the amount owed as well.
And when they do, the money from people who invest their savings in those banks which eventually transform into loans, would be lost creating an economic crisis.

Do you think that cancelling debt would only hurt the rich bilionaire banker?

In reality it hurts anyone with a bank account, most of them, working-class people.

The actual profit the banks get, is by taking a cut from such financial operation and from the rate the money pays when loaning to others. Thus if the government cancels debt, the bank is still making a multi-million dollar profit, through both the operation and the interests that are paid by the government, while the average investor (normal working class people) gets F in the A, because they see no profit from such investment and may not get a full reinburstment.

Why do you think Elisabeth Warren is the least popular of the candidates?
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