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Re: Mercury opposite Neptune

Use a 3"x 5" spiral pocket notebook. Each time you need it, jot down notes. Review at end of day, and organize next day's tasks, including today's unfinished stuff, on a new a day.

I used this system for several years and it works very well...."clean shed"; "call Fleming 458-1122"; "Mindy's party"...and so on. When you review notes, new page, you prioritize tomorrow's tasks. When you accomplish the task, simply cross it off list. Add anything you want to get done.

Make efficient use of notebook system a priority until it becomes ingrained habit. It does not take time and works very well. Makes for an infallible memory.

Mercury opp Neptune shows lack of focus. So contrive a way to improve focus. I used to have a boss who was fond of saying, "A short pencil is better than a long memory."

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