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Re: Venus in Pisces

Hi there,

I have Venus in Pices, too. I find a Pisces Venus is very sensitive. And you are very empathetic. I was also very shy as a child and I find that I still am anxious around people. I finally figured out that everyone feels cautious around others to some extent. Just picture them in their underware, youíll find they arenít as intimidating.

The highest form of Venus in ♓️ has the ability to love universally. Pure love of the brotherhood of man (everyone).They say that that is the reason why we are here on earth.

My Venus is squared by Saturn and your is squared by Pluto. My Venus is restricted, yours is over powered. Donít use your femininity to get your way. Also, be careful of other people trying to talk you into doing things you donít want to do.

You need to protect your kidneys. You can look it up online. It seems like there are all kinds of advise on how to do that. Lower protein and less salt seems logical. But this is not medical advise. It is just good advise to protect your kidneys.

Iím sure people will pick me apart on this but this is what I have learned from having Venus in Pisces.

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