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Hi Fris,

I am not sure that eclipses only manifest astrological effect upon the countries that experience the full blot out. The eclipse still never the less is occuring fully elsewhere in the world. As the DC is where we relate to others, I am worried as to what effect this eclipse on the UK DC will have upon the UK's international relations, particularly the relation's with those countries that experience the full eclipse, most of which I think are Muslim nations.

Not long after I had posted this I read this on another forum regarding the eclipse, and found it a bit chilling:

He (Lilly) warned that a conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries would bring difficulties between friends, often followed by death, war and controversy. He then points out that England is ruled by Aries so any eclipse in that sign is bound to influence that country.
Friends and war, would describe the 7th cusp, where the eclipse lands in the 1801 chart. Chilling.

It is interesting also how Lilly considered countries most effected by an eclipse are those which are associated with that sign.
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