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As I understood it, the effect of an eclipse was only felt in the area of the eclipse's path and if an important point was on the eclipse degree. Our part of the world only sees a nibble off the Sun.

There was an article in my national daily to-day, stating how concerned Turkey was because, although not from an astrological viewpoint, it is in the path of the eclipse, as it was in 1999. The nation's Neptune is on 20 Leo conjunct the 3rd house cusp. Within 5 days of the 1999 eclipse on 18 Leo it encountered the great earthquake disaster.
This eclipse is on 8 Aries in Turkey's 10th house. It opposes natal Mars on 7 Libra and is quincunx the 3rd house NN in Virgo. Another national disaster?

I'm personally relieved that this eclipse is a mild semi-sextile 'almost' out of orb aspect to Venus in my chart, which has been under the influence of the new moons on 9 degr. of the signs since October last!

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