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Re: Just a question (Sat-Nep-Ura-Plu)

Originally Posted by DaphneLore View Post
I have this question or questions. At what point does everything calm down? Perhaps the obvious answer is that everything becomes calm when one dies. But I really want to know, while we are alive, at what age do heavy planets give us a break? Maybe at 60 or 65? I haven't read anything about crisis at that age (go ahead, give your examples)

Only this I want to know, at some time Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto let us live in peace? At some age, still alive, bad surprises, dissolutions, tears and pain end?

Thank you.
We learn to make peace with the outer planets as we grow and mature. The outers are not here to mess with you in a malicious way. It is about growth and evolution.

As you say, You had to learn how to shut the door to negative people that Neptune attracts to you. But there can also be positive Neptunian people and positive Neptunian opportunities. And as we mature we learn how to open our doors to the right one, and keep away from the lying deceitful ones.

You do not have to close the door to everyone, just because of quincunxes or hard transits. A lovely man can enter your life, even during a rough Neptune transit. Check out his synastry with you. Do a background check and check his references. Do not deny any future love opportunities just because there are generational planets squaring your chart.

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