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Re: Just a question (Sat-Nep-Ura-Plu)

That isn't how it works.

When heavier planets support your personal planets (by transit) you will get to the pleasure or "collection" phase. This has to do with transits and not with age.

When the outer planets undermine one or more personal planets, then you are in the "pay in" phase.

Sometimes they overlap. YOu can have some supportive energies at the same time you have some undermining energies. Naturally, the most "active areas" in the charts will be where you have difficult or challenging aspects in the natal chart.

So heavier difficult energies in the 2nd will mean financial or values issues thru life.
In the 7th or 8th or both, then relationships will be the "battle ground." But also the peaceful place at times.

If you have 10th house issues, then work or career will be the area where you will find repeating themes.

It's hard if you have never had a time of relative calm (if you are young now) as there have been some major difficult patterns in space over the past one or two decades.

But there will always be both difficult and easy times eventually for all of us.

However: sometimes we can blame the individual transits and sometimes we have to look to OURSELVES and ask : AM I complicit it keeping the negativity going? Am I part of my own problem? Am I making MORE drama than has to be in my life?

Sometimes if all we know is chaos and drama and deception we don't know how to enjoy the positive transit energy.


"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."
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