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Re: Adoption & Adoptee Chart

Astrodawn, I honestly don't know how to answer the first part of your question. I have some information on traditional planetary rulerships, but it seems to treat adoption and natural parents with the same signs or planets, with the one exception being Uranus as a modern ruler of adoption.

I think the desire to find one's natural parents is just inborn with some adoptees, whereas others appear less concerned, perhaps out of a desire to spare the feelings of their adoptive parents.

This man's chart does show some unease with the mother "figure" or archetype, whether it is his bio-mom or the adoptive mom. His moon [motherhood planet] is in the 12th house, wherein lie energies that we don't always understand: they seem hidden from us, even as we act them out. His moon opposes his sun [identity} conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. This suggests to me a "seeker" who must reinvent his identity often. This pattern is reinforced by Leo on the cusp of his 4th house of early childhood and home life: its planetary ruler is the sun. He also has a challenging aspect involving the other feminine planet, Venus; and Mars on his MC [another "motherhood" indicator] squaring Saturn.

They just suggest to me a lot of tension and inner challenges regarding the feminine principle in his life, of which the mother is the earliest exemplar. Sagittarius is the Seeker, and Uranus indicates someone who reinvents himself, whether by choice or by outer circumstances.

So will he seek his adoptive mother? You may know the answer already. But I would say, yes--the astrological "seeds" are there, whether or not they have become activated.
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