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Re: Repeated Love Pain

Hello -

What you speak of is the sorrowful and promising truth of Venus in Pisces. Venus in Pisces stands alone always, as any exalted planet does in a chart..

It reaches the highest expression of unconditional loving that any human soul can offer.

It has its setbacks, though.

It's almost as if real love cannot be felt, unless it hurts or smarts - which can be followed by self-pitying denial of going into something knowingly but claiming that it was unknowingly. The Venus in Pisces has a keen insight on what is wrong but they like to bank their hopes on being inspired by their love's pure heart. Even the most troubled human beings have someone with venus in pisces who will love them unconditionally -
at least until they realized they have been used or taken advantage of.

Debra Kempton Smith? wrote a good piece of truth about Venus in Pisces in her Stargazers... book -

It is my belief that Venus in Pisces does best with another Venus in Pisces, because they will hurt for each other, but will never hurt each other. It is probably the most perfect expression of two people together - in whatever status or situation, who will never betray the other person, in spite of all their foibles and mis-cues.

It's either that - or it is an example of the purest form of forgiveness.
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