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Re: Does my boss like me romantically?

Originally Posted by HailxxNight View Post
Thank you rafaella for your input, yes I agree I do admire him as a boss and work and that's it. When we met it was strange because the same way he acted around me, upheld himself and the same feeling I got, I had with another person at a previous job that turned out into a romantic connection and because it was at work something I regret. I don't want no repeat, but back then it was different like I knew the person and etc, but just the same strange feeling again thats all. I just wanted to do a chart to see if it was nothing. But so far he's a nice boss to everyone and I don't have to worry about anything with my job getting jeopardize or anything. Thank you again for your response

I don't think you need to worry about this guy, at least not in a romantic way. But there is something there which is shown by the opposition and negative reception, so whatever it is, maybe it will disappear with time.

Another thing, if we take him to be 7th ruler, just as the 'other' person, he is Moon in detriment of Saturn and Saturn in detriment of Moon. But a trine. So either way, again no romantic interest, but the negative energy which is not shown outwardly.

Just be your normal self, I guess.

all the best!
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