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Re: Does my boss like me romantically?

Originally Posted by HailxxNight View Post
Hi everyone, okay so I started my new job and wanted to know if my manager likes me in a romantic way. I get a weird vibe and want to believe otherwise no he does not. I know better too and donít want to risk my job or anything or feel uncomfortable either but I am curious to know now. From the chart what do you think?
Iím not sure if itís the 10th house or 7th house which if its 10th then no, right because mars and Saturn are making no applying aspect.

Well your significator is in his house and in his sign, so to me it seems you are the one liking him, perhaps not romantically but maybe like him as a boss, respectful admiration for his work etc.

I do not think he likes you, not romantically at least, Mars trined Saturn in Cancer where it is in detriment of Saturn and it is still in detriment of Saturn in leo. So its not like but more dislike or negative energy from him. (I use Frawley receptions, not Lilly)

Another thing is there is antiscion from Mars to Saturn opposition and this is what you are picking up on. Antiscia opposition is 'hidden' issues that a significator deals with, its internal and not visible. To me this opposition seems like some power struggle or pull and push between you which is not spoken of but is there.

How do you get the vibe? Does he look at you a certain way, stare at you, look at you romantically, comment on your appearance etc? I do not see anything romantic but more negative vibe between you. Maybe you remind him of someone he dislikes? Just a thought.
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