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Re: Does my boss like me romantically?

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
I think he does like you based on the reception from him/Mars to you/Saturn. This is because you/Saturn are in the sign that Mars rules, so he/Mars feels an affinity with you. It is clear you do not return the sentiment, as he/Mars WAS in Cancer, which is the sign of your detriment. And now you have even stronger aversion to him/Mars, because Mars is now in Leo, the sign of your fall.

I suppose the good news is that if your question is really something like, "Will anything come of this matter?" I would say no because the trine between your significators is now past, and they now do not apply to an aspect. Also Mars is void, not in orb or any planet in the chart, so I do not see your boss making any trouble over the matter. But I do think this confirms your instincts about him.
Thank you for your response, I had a strange feeling and I think its weird how our own intuition can let us know sometimes. It feels good though to know not to worry about anything with this or my job getting jeopardized. Thank you again
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