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Re: Do I get married? When?

Well Mars/Venus aspect happens in about 6 degrees. Months or years??? Hmm most likely years... 5-6 years. Also look at that angular Moon and Sun aspect with strong mutual reception.

Both aspects show a possibility, but yes it could be with someone from the past, but not necessarily. I think more than likely its not the best of relationships, because of the opposition, you come together only to separate and then perhaps come together again. Venus and Mars are really weak, but mutual reception shows willingness to help, being open to each other and feelings involved. But cadent placement shows lack of power to act...Because of this relationship, it may cause some unhappiness in both. Can't live together, can't live apart situation - comes to my mind

But that Moon and Sun aspect shows that things may come together, again there is mutual reception here...this is interesting. The square confirms that it will be a challenge to get to that marriage, but I think it can happen.

Part of marriage is ruled by Venus. Its in bad shape. This shows the quality of the relationship, perhaps the ex will return??? Not the best of relationships... lots of drama??
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